Flexible Cutting Mats

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Colour coded chopping mats, perfect for all kinds of food!


These mats are made from highly-durable BPA-free material. Their thickness is only 2mm, but don't let that fool you into thinking they're not going to last!

You can easily avoid cross-contamination because they're colour coded:

  • Yellow - Chicken 
  • Red - Beef 
  • Green - Fruit and Vegetables
  • Blue - Fish

Each with a corresponding icon in one corner.

They're also super lightweight, meaning they're easy to store in your kitchen cupboards and thank to their flexibility, they can be curled at an angle to help transfer your food directly into a pot or bowl when cooking!

Are you looking to stock up your kitchen? 

Why not pair these with our Onion Holder (368506)?

It's a really handy kitchen accessory that will make chopping onions extremely easy! 


38.5 x 29.5cm

Pack Size:


Usage Instructions:

Just place on a solid work surface, then chop your meat or vegetables!

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