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Manage your weight with our meal replacement shakes.


Blue Nature Shakes are a nutritionally complete dietary supplement, making them ideal to use as a meal replacement. Excellent for those following a low-calorie diet and for weight control. Also ideal for those recovering from illness or surgery. Gentle on the system and easy to digest.

Contains all necessary nutrients, including:
  • 100% exogenous amino acids (EAA) in proportions recommended in daily intake by the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • highest quality whey protein concentrate (BV104)
  • 13 vitamins
  • 14 minerals
  • carbohydrates
  • dietary fibre
  • fat

600g (about 20 servings)

Betterware recommends replacing one meal per day with a Blue Nature Shake. For best results, combine with a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise.

Usage Instructions:

One serving = 2 tablespoons, approximately 30g

Mix two tablespoons of powder into 150ml of either your choice of milk or water at room temperature. Ensure powder is fully dissolved before drinking.

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