Convertible School Bus

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Convertible School Bus is the perfect play mat for kids aged 3+ years to read, play and pretend to drive a school bus!


Convertible School Bus can be used as a story book, large play mat and converted into a sit-in school bus toy. Read with your child about all the sights that are passed on the ride to school. The illustrated story route allows your child to follow and interact with the story on the large play mat, designed like a town, using their own toys. Finally, the sit-in toy allows your child to pretend to drive a school bus!

  • Wonderful artwork by renowned children's illustrator, Simon Abbott
  • Simple story for your child to learn new words
  • Your child can use the sit-in school bus at playtime

Panels: 7
Age: 3–6
Size: 345 x 345 mm when folded
Format: Board

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