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Three bright red funnels in different sizes, great for baking, cooking, pickling or making wine! The perfect tools for making a little bit easier!


Ideal for safely dispensing small quantities of liquids or dry food into other containers or jars. 

  • Can be used when making homemade wine, beer and pickled foods.
  • Plastic design makes it super easy to clean.
  • For transferring dry and liquid ingredients into narrow openings - with no spillages!
  • No messy kitchen worktop.
  • Slot together for easy and convenient storage.
  • Organise your kitchen pantry.

Three funnels of different sizes with diameters: 13.5cm, 11cm, and 8.5cm. 

3 piece funnel set.

Universal application.

Usage Instructions:

Simply place a funnel into the opening of your container and fill the funnel with whatever liquid or dry ingredients you want to store.

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