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Colour changing egg timer, that helps you get the perfect egg every time!


This kitchen gadget will give you the perfect egg every time! 

They change colour to indicate how your egg is cooking, so you will never miss the perfect moment. Just watch the indicator and check whether your eggs are soft, medium or hard boiled! 

It's small size, makes it the perfect kitchen accessory and will fit in kitchen drawers. Just make sure you wash it by hand, to protect it from damage.

Why not pair it with our egg cups? 
The perfect pair for eggs and soldiers! Make breakfast fun every time. 

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Usage Instructions:

Simply drop the timer into the water with your eggs, and watch as it changes colour from red to white to indicate how your eggs are cooked on the scale. As the timer heats up, it will change colour from the outside in! When the scale reaches the desired level on the timer, take your eggs out and enjoy! 

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